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Hakan'ın Kamerasından
When we arrived in Yemen, the sun was hot, the view was amazing.
So I'm back already.
Let's go back ten days ago...
We're on an island in the Maldives.
Your name madaam!
Sometimes words urge themselves out of me, to express what goes on in my head, in my soul, to free myself from some burden or to share some joy or amazement.
We are pursuing monkeys, wild boars and komodo dragons in a national park.
The first sign of the rainy season is pouring down on us.
Now I'm in an uncomfortable spot.
We've got this world map attached to the wall.
Mountains are rushing at us, lifting us, pushing us to the side, crashing down on us.
It is impossibly hot.
I live underwater for now.
We're on Vamos, Vamos, my sisters boat, Vamos, where my life tripped into another world.
I decide to take my courage by the horns.
Our mind into the void, we scratch the uneven surface of it and what we find is very different from what one would expect, even for Hakan and me.
Suddenly there it is, a pointy dark solid thing sticking out of the ocean. Land!
I look at my body and I see two legs with feet and toes, two arms with hands and fingers, a belly as well, I see no blood dripping under me. Good.
It was a very calm and smooth morning, I had had a small breakfast of bread and tea.
We're a little past midway on our crossing, for more than two weeks now we're on the water and sometimes in it.
It's very early in the morning, the sun has just shown its face.
We just left the island of Robinson Crusoe, with its high peaks, here red there green, luscious then bare.
Woooh, it's been a long again...
In harmony with our surroundings we sail the last miles that separate us from civilization.
We turned back, not able to advance.
Yes. We've passed the damned Golfo de Penas.
It was I who said we passed the Golfo de Penas without problems wasn't it?
That's it, I'm fed up, irritated, physically hurt even.
You steer a boat with its speed, if the boat comes to a stand still you can push the rudder as much as you want, nothing will happen...
My wish has been granted!!
The wind is howling, I'm inside the cabin, we're sailing, against the wind, against the waves.
Splosh splash splosh. We walk mountainous swamps.
The Strait of Magellan, that's where we are right now.
We've reached the Pacific Ocean, afar I see the horizon, the one from the open sea, we're at the other side of the continent by now, making our way up north, north until we'll go west again, to reach the Eastern Island.
We take Mardek right to the snout of another glacier, there are glaciers everywhere in this particular part of the channels.
The sky is blue...
2 month of self-sufficient living, nature and us, mountains and us, water, glaciers and Chilean armada...
In the screaming fifties, I am paying, paying the night watches, the cold air, the rolling and rocking of the boat.
Night watch is a concept of utter cruelty.
Christmas, and where is the tree, the presents in colorful wrappers, the laughter the excitement and the jolly dresses?
I sleep. I sleep and I dream, heavily, vividly.
We are 6 at anchorage, arrived with a few hours interval, all talking on the radio to figure out what to do.
We have reached Peninsula Valdes,
It's been a while again, and it's always a tricky thing to come back...
The wind stopped blowing and we took off again, towards the whales!
We made it!
Salvador, still here, still waiting, two months and how long to go?
It's been so long I haven't written anything that I can hardly remember how to use this keyboard...
We are surrounded by some very strange forces.
Then we left Recife, a window in the winter weather got us out at sea, the water was green, the sun was hard, I tried the new hat Hakan got for himself and got jealous straight away...
Do you know that some doctors propose you to slice you open so they can fulfill their monetary greed? Somewhere in the back of my head I had the feeling these people existed, but to encounter one on is something I have absolutely not been prepared for… One did cross my path, just a few days ago actually, and the stiff neck I had just gotten rid of came back, with a revenge.
I cried a few tears, discreet ones, as I said I would the other day. We’re still in Recife and we’re adapting ourselves to our environment, as we, human beings do...
An agreeable sail towards here, yes, yes, favorable winds.
We’re in Jacare, Brazil, in the middle and hardest part of the rainy season, it seems we’re actually following the rainy season, or is it following us?
On a battus tous nos records de navigation ! Voila, on est a Jacare, toujours au Brésil, pres de la ville de Jaoa Pessoa.
Well well, still in Natal, I would have known had I stayed on board, but in a month time things are learnt others are forgotten, that's the way it goes.
Here I am, in Natal, Brazil, got there 2 days ago, with me, spare parts for Mardek, a stiff neck full of anxiety, warm clothes for the southern bit, dvd’s, games, lokums straight from Turkey, belgian chocolate, and the personal and conscious decision of going around the world on a tiny sailboat.

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