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Here I am, in Natal, Brazil, got there 2 days ago, with me, spare parts for Mardek, a stiff neck full of anxiety, warm clothes for the southern bit, dvd's, games, lokums straight from Turkey, belgian chocolate, and the personal and conscious decision of going around the world on a tiny sailboat.

The weather isn't too fine here it keeps on raining, and it's very humid, we went for a enormous walk on the beach, on the way back our shadows melted into one. It was pretty impressive to see this shape of one body walking when we were 2. We were in tune, ready to go on, around the world.

The city doesn't seem very interesting and we'll be leaving tomorrow for our next port of call. I don't quite know where it will be, all I know is that the wind will be in our face and that I will take sea sick pills to try to avoid the tremendous discomfort of weakness that overwhelms me. I'm pretty pleased that there's just one bit more of wind in the nose before returning to backwinds that gently rock us as if we were infants. The thing is, I've had such a hard time sailing since Trinidad that I can't remember how it feels to have agreeable sailing, but believe me when I'm saying that I'm right open to feel good at sea.

Being back with Hakan is good, the harmony, the balance that makes life so nice, we glide along, in peace, smiles on our faces warmth in our hearts.

I'll be keeping you updated with our progress, with my states of mind, with my vision of things that will change, and rock fly and fall depending on how I'll cope with what life will give me.

Life is not in the known, life is in the mystery...

31.05.2005 / Natal (Brazil)

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