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Well well, still in Natal, I would have known had I stayed on board, but in a month time things are learnt others are forgotten, that's the way it goes.

So, one of the forgotten things is that we rarely leave on the day we decide to do so. This time got a little more drastic, 5 days later and we're still on the same spot! The weather got from bad to worse and we're waiting for a window in the rain that doesn't seem to arrive. But we're leaving tomorrow...

We had a bit of a brainwash to find out what we were going to do not to be transformed into slugs, the lack of movement on board really being a destructive thing to our bodies. In 6 months of time I saw my belly inflate and transform itself into mush, couldn't let this happen really. So, what was it that we were going to be able to do on a regular base, that wouldn't bore the living hell out of me? Hakan can run his body fit, I can't, knowing too well that I would find and believe millions of ridiculous excuses not to do it. So another solution needed to be found, the brainwashing did his work and after a bit of washing we came up with frisbee and beach ball, yes yes, running after little balls or discs is much more exiting, we went to the mall, found rackets and balls, but no discus. Beach tennis would be it, we went to the beach and had 2 hours of good fun, this is going to do the trick!

The other day I had a little bit of a spin, I got into the dinghy to catch a plastic bottle that had fallen into the water. The motor started but every time I gave a little gas the engine would stop, it would not allow me to put myself into gear even, I could feel my blood heating, my adrenaline rising, panic easing itself into me, slowly but surely I saw myself being drifted towards the open sea, I picked up the bottle but I was getting in a very bad situation, having only one oar as well, the other one got lost not so long ago during a storm. With the little oar that was left I pushed myself against the current towards another anchored boat and waited, waited for my rescuer to come to me. Hakan swam, got into the dinghy and with sweet talk and an expert hand got the motor to bring us back on Mardek. It's hard enough to go sailing around the world, but if the little things you've got to keep your life going stop working, what then? I ask you, but since you're not there to give me an answer, I'll have to find the answer in me, or in Hakan, or in my books. The answer I've found, and the lesson... I'm not going in this dinghy solo until a proper technician has healed this motor of ours.

So, what do we do when it rains and rains and rains? We kiss kiss and kiss, we talk and talk, play games, torture our new camera, drink fruit juices, eat salads, sleep when we feel like it and make our lives pretty.

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