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Recife (Brazil)

I cried a few tears, discreet ones, as I said I would the other day. We're still in Recife and we're adapting ourselves to our environment, as we, human beings do...

We have visited what is said to be the biggest mall of Brazil, because it was raining and we thought that the walk in the forest we had planned wasn't going to be very agreeable in wet clothes. Malls here are very similar to mall everywhere, we wondered why we came to such a place as we really don't like them, but then after being ripped of in a salad-bar we found out why we came there. There is always a reason lying beneath any situation. Today's reason is the acquisition of body-boards. Good ones, in a good shop where they were very pleased to help us, and we were very pleased to listen to the many advises the 5 shop attendants were giving us. We'll be surfing on the waves of Brazil and many more waters from now on. A little later we also bought oars for the dinghy, no more stress with the motor, if it doesn't work, use the oars-row row row your boat gently down the stream" and maybe forget about the motor altogether, it obviously doesn't like Brazilian carburant.

I have just started to meditate again, the technique of Vipassana meditation I learned a few years ago. I have given up on it a while ago for many reasons and many more excuses. But it came back to me, and I listened to it's knocking on the door of my consciousness. I sat crossed legged on my bunk, and instantly I was pulled deep inside myself. As I had been told, you give up on meditation but it does never give up on you, and the day you start again, you'll see the progress you've made as you were not practicing. How true it is... So, every day now I sit on my bunk, and observe what is going on inside of me. Today, my back started twitching and trembling, sweat gliding along my skin, and I observed with awe all this energy being liberated and flowing freely in my body. Now, the stiff neck that has been bugging me since a little before I left for Brazil has completely disappeared, and I sit here, writing on this keyboard in near disbelief on the power of meditation. How easy it is to forget some really important things for your wellbeing. I will try very hard not to forget again, keep my wellbeing on top of myself instead of letting my unconscious devastating behavior take over the power.

Touched by the divine, by the universe that lies within me, I float trough the day, I thank all the ones that have been on my way. The ones giving me pleasure as well as the ones that have given me pain. I thank the ones that have helped me by standing by my side, I thank the ones that have blocked my way, that have hurt me and tortured me, for it is thank to all of them that I sit here, writing on this keyboard, touching the man I love living the life I want. It is given to all of us to live the life we want, but to get there it is imperative to face ourselves, to see, accept and change our faults. It is imperative to open up and give ourselves freely to the world, then, the life we have dreamed of will come...

29/06/05-Recife (Brazil)

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