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Hakan'ın Kamerasından
Peninsula Valdes (Golfo Nuevo)

It's been a while again, and it's always a tricky thing to come back...

So much things need to be said and at the same time, nothing's really holding on to the next so that it becomes an impossible task for me to fill in the gaps i have been too lazy to close up when the time called for it.
It's not only laziness it seems, but patience as well, to take the time to put down in words what has past already and what may not be of importance anymore today. Projections in the past may be unsettling when I should not lose sight from what is happening here and now. For then I was swimming in hot water and now it's freezing cold.

I told you I would keep you updated with the rising and collapsing of my little self, well, here we are, in the roaring forties, gliding on waves with enormous birds filling eyes and ears all day long. The black winged giant petrel and the whiter and bigger albatross floating on the surface when the wind is down, then dancing in the air, turning around us to satisfy our curiosity.

We have finally entered Argentina, after 8 months of Brazil, from Portuguese to Spanish which I speak much better. The ease of things directly connected to the existence or non existence of a language barrier...

We have also entered the southern seas, welcomed by dolphins who now regularly accompany us for a little while. The sun takes it's time to rise and set, and the days are getting really longer, the summer is coming in yet to us it keeps on getting colder as we make our descend south. It is a strange thing entering the summer with cooling air and knowing it will get colder and colder still and then wetter and wetter until I'll be begging for the murderous tropical sun to burn me then kill me again.

Mar del Plata is the last big stop before the great south, where all boats make their last tune ins and buy heaps of rope to secure their boat later on in front of glaciers and in coves where the williwaws, crazy winds coming from all directions at ones lift water in the air and shake up your whole senses of anything during less than a minute. We've done just like the others and had a storm sail made and other things which I won't get into.

The roaring forties, the seas that scare everybody, I'm right at the edge of it and after realizing I didn't feel any kind of fear, fear just arrived, the thought of it's enormous winds roaring my imagination, freezing waters that kill in a few minutes if you're to fly over board, killer whales that will mistake me for a seal and snack on me. Hakan and me are quite tight, though we are supposed to take this beautiful weather system tomorrow, my belly is tense and this time, not from over eating, this time it is alarms beeping inside me with signs why we shouldn't go and wait for the next window instead... Hakan is very touchy, angry with the tiniest things, I worry and get ready to take out my '' not going!!!'' card. The boat is a total mess, the cockpit filled with jerry cans of kerosene, diesel and gasoline, the cabin with tools and food, clothes and crap, and we're supposed to leave tomorrow, with a calm soul? How could we succeed with this capharnaum around us, how will we fit all this stuff in the first place and then find peace on top of that? I find our chances poor, but still, do the fitting and then we'll see. As it turns out, everything found it's place, we've got beautiful fruit and veggies, the tide is high and the sky smiles at me, so, of we go, facing the scary roaring ones. Just before the sun sets, we slide out of the harbor.
We're sailing for a few days now, don't know how many, time has another meaning at sea, ... I've seen the most beautiful moon set in the ocean, huge, orange asymetrical luminous thing entering the dark water, I stood amazed freezing my hands and cheeks in the cold wind. Every time my mouth drops at such a sight of nature I get a load full of energy which I stack up for the times I'll be low, then I can nourish myself with the beauties that brought me to this low point and hope to extract myself easily from it's nasty claws. When the weather gets rough, so gets the mood, in all directions, emotions get stronger. Moods are linked to the climate...
It seems clearer and clearer to me that we're up for some strong stuff out there in the south, better brace ourselves for a shaky ride...
Isn't it why we are coming here? To the most scattered territory on earth, I don't know anymore, all I know is I'm going there, eager and scared, impatient but careful. Trying to build up strength for the upcoming slaps and build space for the upcoming enlightenments...

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