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Peninsula Zach

Splosh splash splosh. We walk mountainous swamps.

We've learnt the laws of the soil here. The greener the drier, the red moss might sink deep under my weight but will most likely keep me dry. Black on stones, very slippery. Black on water might hold me but then again I might sink till my ankles, to be avoided if possible. Water on flat light grey will probably hold me but walk on water on brown and I'll be swallowed whole if I dare go there.

It is wetter than ever, the mountains are less high I think but it might be that I don't see the summit, the visibility is very poor. The vegetation is mostly similar than in Tierra del Fuego but more humid and much more spongy, if that is possible. Yesterday I heard plants sing in a puddle!!! Yes yes, even Hakan heard it so you can't say it is my over active imagination... crazy world out here. The limit between land and water is quasi inexistent, the seawater is barely salted, the land is so wet that in some places the vegetation has very nearly entirely returned to water, muted into a light brown watery mush. Melted vegetation... waterfalls have gone underground, you hear'em, but you can't see'em.

The lack of sunshine is starting to get a hold on us, keeping us low spirited in the confines of our cabin, sheltered from the never stopping rain. 2 days on a row we couldn't manage to get out of Mardek until 7 o'clock at night, and then it was a forced move to clear our head a little, air our cells but we're so afraid to drown them... although like many times it is the part of being afraid before the actual move that is the hardest. Ones on the move, in the water with our feet, in the rain with our heads, in the swamps with our souls, everything seems easy, even though half hearted on some days. There is nothing else for us to do but take walks and advance in our navigation on fair days. soon we realized that we could not wait for the fair days as there are none... so now, whenever the wind seems to be not at full blast we make a move. Today, awake at 6 o'clock, in the channels at 6.30, in the soft morning light we advance, to be in time for the pacific crossing good winds.

I?m reading a lot, I just finished ''sailing alone around the world'' the first single handed journey ever by captain Slocum. I found it quite boring, his fighting with sails and meeting governors and princesses on his way. Very mundane, very well behaved very much the end of the 19th century. How glad I am not to have been alive then, with their constricted education there didn't seem to be much place for frivolity and humor, cemented in their grey sense of duty. Then I read the story of Robinson Crusoe for we're going to his island ones we're out of the channels... I was very perturbed when I saw that the island of the book is nowhere close to the south pacific and that instead of staying 4 years on the island Mr. Dafoe made him stay 28 years and then still made him marry and have children and then take up new voyages and so on, as if Robinson Crusoe is immortal. I?m surprised about the obvious inaccuracies although the book seems to want to give a very methodical nearly scientific account. Could it be that Mr. Dafoe could not count nor did he get carried away? Both seem improbable though... anyway, I got bored as well with that one. So as my spirit is falling and my books are boring me I took out of my shelf one book that is sure to entertain me, feed my literary appetite, keep me panting, wanting for more. You see, I keep the jewels in case of emergencies, when I'm in need of external help. I'm not disappointed ''birds without wings'' I'm at page 30 or so but swallowed by the story already, my spirit lifting a little, but not much.

Nearly all my tomatoes are rotten...
And the handle of my cup of tea has broken off during one of Mardeks' jumps in the wind.

I'll tell you what I want, yes? So maybe I get it... I want blue sky and no rain for a few days on a row, and that for a few weeks starting tomorrow. I rake my brains. I thought I was going to give you a whole list of things I want, and actually it is just the blue sky I'm in need of. The rest, I have... maybe I make a list from what I have. I have bread baking in the oven and giving out delicious smells, I have Hakan loving me in front of me. I have a good book that trills me. I am loving Hakan in front of me. Not bad at all, should change my mood soon.

Yesterday we suddenly realized that we were very nearly going to cross the pacific and that none of us had any clue of what lay out there, well, we knew there were islands and a lot of water but not much more, so in our sheltering from the rain we plunged our heads in the guides of the pacific, half exited by the sun and the warm water half terrorized at the idea of getting back on the tourist track, tourist trap? Afraid of man's hard work to create man's paradise, which in our eyes always looks hollow. Anyway, by the state of mine today I'm quite sure I can find the negative side of almost anything. Black day, black mood, must not think too much, must eat warm bread, must leave you in peace. I'll go to the other couch and get kissed back to happiness. Yes, that's what I'll do.


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