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Bahia Tarn, Caleta Ideal

You steer a boat with its speed, if the boat comes to a stand still you can push the rudder as much as you want, nothing will happen...

well that's not true either, what will happen is that the elements will move the boat without asking you your opinion.

We leave Puerto Eden, there are countless rocks on our road and Hakan zigzags between them, I fix the shit inside, pack the flour in ready to use quantities for one bread, preserve the cheese, put the clothes where they belong. The sky is grey, it seems it will rain but it still is dry. The wind is gentle. We pass the delicate passage and decide to go to the further anchorage, the weather being as clement as our mood.
I bought bananas but half of them are too bruised to eat like that so I bake a cake with them instead. I add an orange, raisins an apple and vanilla, why make a choice when can have it all?

Suddenly the wind picks up, and with it waves, our speed drops from 5 knots to 3, instead of having 3 more hours to go we'll have 5 and I don't mention the conditions... the channel is wide again, the waves have plenty of room to shape themselves to make our lives miserable... we turn around and head for the anchorage we'd just decided we'd ignore. Soon we enter the bay and the waves calm down, I'm glad, I can put the cake in the oven, I have been holding it level in my hands the whole time, with Mardek dancing like crazy it was going to overflow.

The wind blows hard and we decide that we'll reverse the roles, I will jump in the dingy with a rope, tie it to a strong tree, row back to where Mardek will arrive in reverse gear, attach the rope to Mardek while still on the move and so avoid her crashing on the rocks. Easy...

It has started raining hard, Hakan brings me to the narrow cove where I'll start rowing, I'm in the dinghy, I row to the shore, Mardek is going back in the bay waiting for me to be ready so that we can meet on the chosen spot and make a synchronized exploit in the manner of circus acrobats.

I chose a beautiful tree, make a beautiful knot, row back as Hakan starts lowering the anchor while coming towards me. Woman's intuition tells me it's not going to work. I keep on rowing towards Hakan to keep the rope as tight as I can, Mardek and dinghy are close to each other but not quite enough, I can't reach Mardek, I can't untie the rope from dinghy, dinghy is pulled back to the shore as I stop rowing to try to get hold of Mardek, Mardek and dinghy drift away in different directions.
It didn't work.
My rope is too short, I need more but I don't have any, give more chain I scream as Hakan gets back in position.

4 dolphins start swimming around me and Mardek, huge beautiful black and white. I lose concentration, look astonished at having them this close to me, bring back my mind to my business, ask the dolphins to come back later, too busy now, or maybe they may push dinghy so I don't need to row...
I put the end of the rope between my teeth and prepare the rope of dinghy in case I must throw it to Hakan to keep me close to him, we start over again. Anchor in the water, dolphins jumping, Mardek and dinghy get closer to each other, dolphins play about, I row like crazy, the wind is pushing dinghy in the wrong direction, dolphins keep on attracting my attention, the rain is blinding me, I row on, get hold of Mardek, Hakan gets hold of the end of the line, the wind picks up, the boat is drifting towards the rocks, the tension in the air is solid, the dolphins are still there, I pull myself to the other side of Mardek, what can I do? I see Mardek getting dangerously close to the rock, I try rowing dinghy against Mardek to push her back but realize very soon it is a complete waste of energy, pull myself between boat and rock, play bumper in case Hakan can't fix the rope, I intend to jump out on the rock and push with all my might if it comes to that. Hakan is purple, breathing like an overworked ox. I hear my calm matter of fact voice asking Hakan ''are we going to lose Mardek?'' and his cool voice answering ''yes'' I get hold of a big fender to give more bumper power. Hakan is holding 5 tons of boat against a gust of wind, in the end he makes fast of the rope, we're at less than a meter from the rock! I row to the shore alongside with another rope, tie it to a tree, Hakan pulls, another line still on the other side, saved! We and Mardek calm down.
I?m on shore still, the sun comes out through the clouds, through the rain. Mardek is surrounded by a powerful rainbow the dolphins splash around.
Let's play with them... we get the motor and ourselves in the dinghy, feeling very much relieved. We head towards the entrance of the bay, are the dolphins going to stay, are they going to interact? We sure hope so.
our hearts pounding because of what just happened, because of what is going to happen... we haven't said much yet about the last hour, purple Hakan is dancing in my head, he is, and believe me, I'm not saying that because I'm in love, much stronger than the usual strong man, I was there, a meter away, I felt the wind pushing on Mardek, I saw the intention of the boat, the resistance of the man, a few centimeters and it was ''Mardek on the rocks'' and I don't like alcohol.
We don't speak about what happened, we wait, we drive the rubber boat, we watch around us, and here they come. Big and fast, behind the boat, under it, they jump in the air, dive under us, they make us scream with excitement, they swim just under the boat and we feel the movement of the water their bodies make. They stay with us, they play with us, they follow us and blind our senses. We go in big circles, with them turning around us, we look at their sleek bodies rushing in the water, coming up noisily for air. We're playing together, there is no doubt about that, I put my hand in the water to touch them but get no contact, I hit the water with the palm of my hand, in front of us one dolphin stops, his body on the surface, lifts his tail and hits the water in the same manner I just did with my hand, Hakan and me look at each other in disbelieve, look back at the hitting tail, the others jumping around us, for an hour we play with our friends, our tension from the crap maneuver frees itself from us, we are playing with big black and white dolphins. Do you hear me? Playing with them, a kind of catch-me-if-you-can whose rules we don't grasp yet, whose rules don't matter, all players having fun.
We get back on board, at peace. I ask Hakan if he heard the tone of our voices while we were struggling with the elements. "Yes''
"No panic in them'' I say.
''I know, it's because we don't panic that we get things done'' and adds '' we're a good team, we know what needs to be done in harsh times, we don't get lost in fear'' I agree with Hakan, I feel warm and proud of sharing his life.


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