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Isla Humos (Caleta Jacqueline)

Yes. We've passed the damned Golfo de Penas.

Not without trouble though, you can take my word for it and I'll say just that.

I must have told you somewhere sometime about the current of energy, universal energy, which I like to ride. When I find the current, I jump into it and let myself be guided by it, with all my power I try not to interfere with it, I try to let go, I try to keep in the middle of this current because it is the current of life, it is the current that knows where I go and why I must go there. I have come to very much trust this current, and I have no doubt about the fact that I was right in it when I met Mardek in the middle of the Atlantic, right in it when I jumped ship, right in it to when we were descending the argentine coast. With the universe we traveled, one with the elements. It is a very nice feeling to be there, wrapped in softness and comfort, see all and everything agree with my presence, my thoughts. The more I ride this current the more I use its energy, I understand its signs and act accordingly, the universe agrees with me and helps me make everything easy.

Ohh, how wonderful all this sounds. Sophie sitting in her current, relaxed and happy. But of course, there is the other side of the story. There is always another side... the other side is there to balance everything out, and because there is nothing more balanced than the universe itself, there must be an undercurrent...

The undercurrent where nothing smiles and everything seems evil, where I crash and clash with everything, with every move I make I sink a little deeper in the muddy and sticky substance. Hakan and I have entered the undercurrent, we're standing knee deep in its vileness. When we make a move it turns out to be the wrong one, and with every mistake we make we lose a little of our confidence, lose a little of our free mind. We tense up and lose the ability to understand the signs, to feel what way to pick. We?ve lost the current of universal energy and we struggle with the elements which seem to have turned against us. But I know better than that, it is not them that turned against us. It is us. Hakan and I. who have misinterpreted signs, who haven not managed to follow the mysterious rules. Hakan and I, knee deep.

There is no real need to get worried yet. Knee deep is still a long way from drowning and the good news is that both of us have understood, realized and accepted the presence of our legs in the undercurrent. We know that it is not the waves that are bitchy to us, that it is not the rocks that have come to rest on our way, that it is not the cold fronts that have chosen our departure to come in and molest us. We have chosen to take the waves in our faces, we have guided Mardek on the rocks we chose to leave a safe place to meet the cold front in our red nose.

We're in a wide channel now, the waves are washing over deck all the time, the visibility, what visibility? We sail in daylight but see nothing. We start talking and I speak about losing the universal energy, Hakan about our minds still not having learned about the way of the south. We say the same thing, with different words. We agree. Knee deep but aware!

We are being battered by water and wind, there is no anchorage before a long way. Let us take this battering to make peace with ourselves and get back with the elements, in softness and comfort. Let us turn the situation around again, find the edge and get over it, to softness and comfort. Let's get back to our humble but balanced position in the universe.

I know a situation can turn at any given moment, hell can turn in paradise in a blink, just a week ago it happened to us, fucking up the maneuver but at last managing to secure ourselves anyway. A rainbow came to greet us and dolphins to please us, from hell to paradise. From paradise to hell is as easy if not easier to manage, but this is not my problem at hand. I don't and won't want to go from paradise to hell, I want to take the other direction, always, from hell to paradise. From hell, to paradise. Let the wind turn and get smooth, let the water calm down, let the sun shine through the clouds, let peace enter our soul. May we get back in harmony with the world. Let me find the edge so I can step to the other side, jump the current soft and comforting. Let me find the way out. Let me take Hakan by the hand and cleanse our sticky legs in the water on the other side. We'll jump in the current, let go of everything and be guided by its knowledge, we'll try to stay in the middle, we're good at it, I don't know where we took a wrong turn, but we'd like very much to join the elements and be at peace with them again. I'm sitting here and I look out for the gap, for the edge, for the passage to the other side. When I see it, sense it, taste it, I?ll take Hakan by the hand and jump...


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