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Hakan'ın Kamerasından
Golfo de Ancud, Isla Mechuque

In harmony with our surroundings we sail the last miles that separate us from civilization.

On a smooth sea we cross the Boca del Guafo, which can be very rough and very dangerous but today it is smooth as a dream and we zigzag between the floating algae islands. We lie on deck impregnating our souls with the sun and the gentle environment, we wave at the passing boats and recover from our past miseries.

Afar we see a village, a little town, we drop anchor, I feel a rush of energy at the idea that we have escaped the roughness of the channels unharmed, we bring ourselves to land and both of us suffer from mild land sickness. How strange, we didn't feel any of this when we landed on the uneven rocks, on the pebble beaches, in the swamps. But here, on a cement pier we can't walk straight, our step is uncertain and we feel weird. We enter a shop in the night and I bump into a wall I expected would be out of my way as I reached it, but on flat land, on stable ground things don't move out of the way. The clerk grins at me, I giggle, the ice is broken and he brings us to a house where we can eat fresh baked fish. We gorge ourselves with it and salad. I can feel the freshness walk on my food, I love it.

We sail again, along the soft hills, there are cows and horses grazing in the green grass, sheep and pigs. Tall narrow trees separate the different pastures, it seems like a part of Belgium, with thick white clouds and green soft contours. Little wooden boats are all over the place and I wave my way back to mingling with mankind.

There are trucks and cars, roads stairs and houses, people smoke cigarettes and it makes me choke. Computer vibrations give me a headache and I start to wonder if I'm glad to come back to mans' world. I was very well far off in the forest, deep in the mountains, lost in the labyrinth of water. Sure some times were hard, but anywhere you go some times are hard.

Hakan gets a cold, we cross people's path and microbes attack us from all side. Conditions are much harder in the channels but no microbes, no illness. The next day I catch the bugger. My nose like an open tap, my belly swollen by the restaurant food I can't digest we sit in Mardek and we wonder... Are we glad we're back among our kind, in the civilized world with heaps of services tons of entertainment, facilities all over... we blow our noses and we wonder.

We're social animals, herd animals, flock animals. But we wonder, are we glad to finally join the flock again? We walk the land, there is life everywhere. Birds, dogs, cats, swines, grass trees plants, ducks sheep horses, chicken fish people. There was very little life in the channels, nearly no life, and here it is overwhelming, it is fine to feel the whole world living around us. We have changed world. We crossed a small golfo and exited earths' unconscious. Surrounded by life, we ponder. Are we glad?


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